Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finished it!!

I have been working on this for a few days and I'm done!!

 It's finished and I'm happy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pony Tail Holders.

When I work,
I work hard.
When I play,
I play hard.
When I sit,
I fall asleep.
I can't sit still. I can't. I can't sit and do nothing. not even if the nothing I'm doing is watching television. I can't just sit. It's impossible.

So I sit and do. I do something, anything.  Which is why I crochet my fingers to the bone. There is only so much thinking I can accomplish in a day before I am sure my head will just explode.

A lady at church offered to make my girls some crocheted pony tail holders, I'm not sure if she was subtly trying to tell me something. She made one for each girl and as soon as she was out of eyesight I was taking it apart to see how she made it.

Then I bought the pony tail holders and fun yarn and made a whole bunch myself. I just cleaned out my yarn basket and there they all were. I'm sure they multiplied like rabbits.
They look like giant bugs. But rest assured they aren't!

I do not need all these purple and variegated pony tail holders.  I have 3 purple ones, 3 light pastel variegated ones and 4 purple and variegated ones. They are $.50 each. And I'll ship for free! Leave a comment with how many you want and how I can get in touch with you. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chemo Caps

About a month ago a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was shocked and in search of something I could do for her from 2 states away. I immediately thought of making chemo caps for her.

I made the first one today. She isn't going to be getting this one. It fits my 10-year-old's doll and it barely fits my 7 year old's head.  I obviously need to tweak the pattern a little to get it the right size.

It's a cute hat, I just need it to be bigger.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010